About Granite

Granite Eyewear is Future's second oldest brand and consists of a collection of both sunglasses and reading glasses. Since its establishment on the market in 2002, Granite has managed to grow and become a respected brand within glasses.

Granite is well known in the target group that buys sunglasses of a more spontaneous nature. With its wide collection and availability in stores, the brand has become very popular with the wider target group.

The sunglasses are very popular and the brand can be seen worn by both genders and all ages. You will always find a frame in the Granite collection that suits your face or style.

Granite reading glasses consist of a fashionable collection of reading glasses in different strengths. The reading glasses have good quality at a reasonable price and are aimed at those who want to see a little better when they read.

Granite Eyewear is sold in the sports, service and grocery stores in Sweden. Granite is also sold in several countries in Europe, including in department stores, ferries and in duty-free shops

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